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August 11, 2014

Preparing for the Next Year

by Belinda Letchford

Over the weekend I shared over at Our Homeschool Forum a blog post for those looking at starting their next (or first) homeschool year.  I know this is unlikely for my Australian readers, but for those overseas – I hope you pop over, and that you’ll find it helpful.

Preparing for the Next Year

preparing for the next year homeschooling

February 2, 2014

Sharing links – Weekly wrap

by Belinda Letchford

It’s been a while since I’ve shared any links to what I’ve been reading online – I’ve been reading, just keep forgetting to pass them on!  I also thought I would start to share a little of our week.  Learning often looks different the older the kids get and I have often not shared the things that keep them busy but I might try to do more of that this year.

We started the week off with celebrating Australia Day – a BBQ with friends, and I made lamingtons which are a traditional Aussie cake.   We didn’t do the public holiday but instead started our study schedule – Jess has started a TAFE course in Office Admin, Naomi resumed her studies though she only worked for 3 hours – the rest of her day was spent on creative projects like making a teddy bear.

Daniel worked on a movie-making project and helped Peter in the yard – they installed a new sprinkler system.  Over the last 6 weeks Daniel has been going to work one day a week with Josh doing commercial and residential yard maintenance.  He has finished that now.

As you may have read in my newsletter – I am on ‘rest’ instructions from my doctor because of a sore shoulder but fortunately it doesn’t hurt to use the computer so scrapbooking has been my main activity.  I have also finished my online shopping for a quilting retreat Jess and I are going to – very hard buying quilting fabric online, but looking forward to the weekend in February.

Naomi was on cook duty which was great timing as she received a Jamie Oliver recipe book for her birthday and chose two pasta recipes to try out.  She did very well – the girls can cook, the training now is about doing a whole meal and doing it quickly.  Good, quick recipes certainly help with this.  During one of her cooking nights we had a power out so she had to cook a new recipe in the dark, or by torch light – which was a bit of a curveball, but she did very well.

This week I shared a post at Our Homeschool Forum:  Redeeming those Bad Days – The quicker we can recognise the day turning bad, the quicker we can change our plans so that we can use the day instead of write it off!

Have you signed up for my weekly newsletter?  This week I wrote about asking good questions – That is a very good Question

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Some good links to read:

Authenticity, Honesty and the Stay at Home Mother – This is one of those posts that you read and say “Yes!” it has put words to something that has often gone around in my head unable to be expressed.

Computer programming is something that I have had in the back of my mind to look into:  I appreciated Jimmie’s review and am going to look into this for a mid-year project for Daniel.   Computer Programming for Homeschool

‘Living Math’ books helped me find stories to teach math.  I could do this naturally with language, and Bible, but math was hard for me to convert to stories, to life).  I’ve been reading through this blog:  Talking Math with Your Kids, and it is inspiring me to see the math opportunities around me.

I’ve been looking at Udemy for some skills-based courses for my kids.  Daniel will be signing up for this photography course for kids next week.


iHomeschool Studio is an event when homeschool parents receive the continuing education and encouragement they need to persevere in the homeschool journey with excellence and resolve. The 24 convenient online sessions will take place during the afternoons and evenings of Tuesday, February 11 through Friday, February 14, 2014.

December 8, 2013

Sharing Links

by Belinda Letchford

Here are some of the things that I’ve read over the last few weeks – these posts often inspire conversation in our family:

Following on from my newsletter a few weeks ago Time to Think about Christmas, our family has talked about how we want to celebrate and make Christmas meaningful as older kids/teens/young adults.  My eyes caught this post 10 Creative ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with your Teens .  Some fun ideas to think about there as we recreate some of our ‘traditions’ and make them more appropriate for our family as we are today.

Why Switchfoot won’t sing Christian songs:  Though I have never heard of Switchfoot (and maybe I should have???)  their response struck a chord with me, and it is something we have talked about a lot in our family.  What makes something Christian?  Christian music, art, writing, story?  etc….  I want to encourage my kids to be creative, do the things they want to do without labelling it ‘Christian’ and yet always giving glory to God.  And I think I’d like to hear their music!!

I love this tree!  I know this is an Advent calendar but I could be happy with a simple tree like that (one day).

I’m printing this poster out – 6 Types of Questions your Student needs to know about – so that we can be aware of these things in our family conversations. I have issues with Socrates in that he didn’t bring things down to an ultimate truth (which we know comes from God’s Word) but his method of questioning is central to thinking deeply.

I read this article a few weeks ago, and the challenge still goes around in my head:  how can I be aware of supporting and encouraging those who are hurting on the inside, when the hurt or need isn’t as obvious as a new baby or physical illness.   Families dealing with Mental Illness need Support too.

And for those not on Facebook, here’s a photo of our family after we decorated our tree, and one of our new dog…

We put the shoes up on the box so Bandit can’t get to them, then he chooses to sleep up there and pushes the shoes off!! Puppies are lots of fun.

We always have crazy fun putting up the Christmas tree – this year we chose to have a sedate family photo taken!!

November 10, 2013

Sharing Links

by Belinda Letchford

The other night we picked up one of our Art of Conversation Boxes and the question was asked “What do you like about yourself?”  It is a hard question to answer.  We don’t play this game strictly according to the rules (read – not according to the rules!) but the questions generate conversation none the less.  In the course of our conversation Jessica read these two articles.

Earlier in the week Joshua shared this article he found in his reading online.  Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy.  Very insightful and lots to talk about here!

You may well have come across this link yourself – Why Marriage isn’t for You – the title intrigued me and then I found a very strong article on marriage – if you haven’t read it – do so!  Also a good perspective to talk about marriage with your kids too.

Hospitality is something close to my heart so I read this article about Open Door Policy with a thinking heart  – how can I create that culture in my home? Or maintain that culture – even on a farm, out of town?

Daniel and I oohed and aahhed over these amazing ideas.  But a warning here – don’t look unless you are content in your own home.  Enjoy the creativity and inventiveness of others without becoming dissatisfied and ungrateful for what you have.

You may also like an older post:  Stack of Conversation Starters

November 3, 2013

Sharing Links

by Belinda Letchford

Toddler stuff has been my focus for the month of October but I have had little snippets of time to do some online reading – here are a few links to the stuff that I earmarked recently

Preparing your Homeschooler for College – this article highlights some of the very points that I’ve been aware of as our older two have moved into study and adult life.  We don’t know what direction Naomi and Daniel will move into but we are working more intentionally on these skills – now that we have learnt from Josh and Jessica!

What do you consider essential life skills for your kids to learn – you may agree or disagree with this list, but it needs to be thought about.

I enjoy Pinterest – as do my kids – but I don’t get there often.  My girls and I have a “Done” board for us to pin the ideas we actually go forth and do in real life!  It isn’t as full as I’d like, but we get a lot of joy when we pin something in this board.  Heidi St John shares how to enjoy Pinterest and be guilt free

My older kids use Facebook, and they have talked about these other social networking apps.  I’ve looked into some, we’ve talked about others.  I found this summary of apps beyond facebook very helpful.  I believe we need to understand this aspect of our kids lives.  IF we don’t like it then we need to be informed as to why we don’t like it otherwise it is a sure way to alienate our kids hearts.

Angela has reminded me that it is time to think about our Christmas studies – especially with little kids.  Start preparing now so you can teach from your heart in December, instead of madly catching up with lesson plans and craft ideas on the hop.  Angathome shares her Jesse Tree symbols.


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