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April 25, 2012

Nature Journaling with Photography

by Belinda Letchford

It has been with regret that we have never connected with nature journaling.  I don’t know why – I’ve tried – it just never really gelled.  But that is okay.  We like being outdoors and I’ve tried to encourage the skill of observation and enjoyment.  We do all enjoy photography though so I’m combining the two.  Last week when we set out to our waterhole I sat the kids down and talked about a few things they could consider when taking a photo (I basically shared these tips).  I then issued a challenge to take a photo of a tree while we were out.   Here are our photos.

by Daniel

My plan isn’t so much to have photography lessons but rather to look at good photography, to discuss what makes it ‘good’, to experiment ourselves, to reflect on our own photos and to consider what we could have done better.      Little by little I think we’ll get to know our cameras and take better photos – eventually.


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