There’s a Person in There

by Belinda Letchford

There is a Person in There is the title for Bev Linder’s new video workshops (free for download) aiming at helping parents who have kids with special needs or difficulties (I’m also a part of this workshop but more about that later!)

Bev has a website, Special-Heart, where she blogs and sends out a regular newsletter. She has also written a book, A Never Give up Heart.    Her encouragements come from her own heart and her own parenting experiences.   If you have a different parenting journey ahead of you please take a look these resources.

Bev is very excited to be able to make these videos available to you for free download from her website.  There’s a Person in There  (hover cursor over the page “There’s a Person in There” for each video title)

Bev asked me to do one of the sessions which is called  The Goals are the Same, the Journey is Different.

Working with video was a new experience for me.  Once again the family worked with me and we learnt new skills and of lots information about working with this new (for us) technology!  I’d like to share a little family story…

My friend who was going to do the videoing for me ended up not being able to help.  Daniel is the child in our family who is most interested in video technology so he was in line for the job.  Then I realised that I was going to be speaking about Daniel, right there in front of him.  I felt a little uncomfortable about this – I wasn’t sure how much of his difficulties he was aware of and I also felt that at 12 years of age he needed respect for his personal life. But at the same time I didn’t want to make a big deal of his challenges in case he became self-conscious.   Bev gave me some pointers in choosing my words carefully as I talked to Daniel about himself, our parenting, and this video project.

I sat down to talk to Daniel,  gently explaining why some things are tough for him, and connecting that to the filming project we were doing (which he knew about).  God is so good. As I was talking Daniel interrupted me to say – I know why you are doing this – because I overcame some difficult things you want to help other parents know that can happen for them too! 

 I was blown away.  What a neat response! He knows things are tough for him, and he has worked hard at overcoming many different aspects.  And now he is a part of this project in encouraging other families too.

So check it out this project – it comes with love from Bev Linder, her friends in the States, as well as my family here in Australia.

5 Responses to “There’s a Person in There”

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful :) You must have tread very carefully and with lots of grace.

  2. Belinda, I don’t have a special needs child, but this is exactly what the Lord has been teaching me recently. My children each need different things from me, and I have not been sensitive to that until recently. I have been parenting them like cookie-cutter children, so my sensitive daughter ends up in tears often and my strong-willed son has been very challenging to control and focus. I know it’s God’s job to reach their hearts, that He alone can change a heart, but I can help meet them each where they are. This video brought tears to my eyes because it’s what I have been broken over for several weeks. Thank you for posting it.

    • Hi Sarah – thanks for sharing your heart here. I know that God will keep guiding you as you respond to His heart for each of His children that you have in your care. You are so right in the need to be different for each of our children. God will give us all that we need to be that. I believe that firmly. God be with you as you find new ways to communicate, train and love your children.


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