Our Local Agricultural Show – 2011

by Belinda Letchford

Well, it is all over – the local Agricultural Show.   This is one community weekend that our family really looks forward to though this year things are slightly different as we have a wedding on the Saturday as well, so Friday was our only time at the show.  We had a great day.

First up we always dash into the Pavilion to see how the kids’ exhibits went.   I don’t have photos just yet but they did very well with firsts, seconds, and thirds sprinkled through all their projects.

At the end of the Pavilion was the Under 18’s display – the Homeschoolers have put a display up every year for many years.  We won – that’s three years in a row!!  We now have to consider how to spend our prize money!

Our Homeschool Co-op Display - Each family made a collage representing something of our life. The table was laden with projects both creative and academic.

Our poster for the Homeschool display - we depicted the Ag. Show with a miniature version of the Show Programme, ribbons, animals and people having fun.

The kids (and Pete) all went on the bumper cars together – this seems to be a yearly happening though I think next year there will be a few who venture onto a ride a little more exciting!  Then we went to the animal shed – to hold a snake!  (Not me!!)

Jessica with the snake - I think it was a python

Nomi and snake

Daniel was the first to want to hold the snake


After seeing a few exhibits on the oval we headed for our yearly Spike’s Burger (otherwise known as Burgers cooked by Rotary – but we reckon it is all about Spike – a local) .

We headed down to see the cattle – Peter’s world.  Though it was a slow progress as we bumped into many friends all having a great family night out.  On the way we stopped at a leathergoods van.  Daniel bought himself a whip – which he is cracking already.  I think that is pretty good!!

As we waited for the fireworks we saw a SciTech van so we talked to them about the possibilities of doing some experiments with Liquid Nitrogen (with our prize money).  They gave Pete lots of ideas and promise to send us more.  What a great contact.

The night finished with the firewords – the only disappointment was the loud, disjointed music that played at the same time – it distracted from the BOOM of the fireworks – but all in all we had a great night out and look forward to doing it all over again next year!

2 Comments to “Our Local Agricultural Show – 2011”

  1. Hi Belinda!
    Just wanted to say, thank you for all that you share and give to us all, apart from your beautiful family. You’re such a blessing. Also wanted to say, that since “following you/meeting you” on the internet, watching your family grow has been a delight. You are all such an inspiration. Bless ya!!!
    love Debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to encourage me with your comment.

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