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April 16, 2011

Top tips for discipline:

by Belinda Letchford

1.       Know your standard – know what you expect from your child, and don’t waver.  Don’t give in, don’t negotiate, don’t debate, don’t repeat, don’t threaten or bribe.  These parental behaviours rob you of the dignity of your authority.

2.       Choose your battles – you can’t bring correction to every issue in your child’s life this week!   Be realistic, unrealistic goals frustrate and dishearten both parent and child.

3.       Consequences need to be connected to the issue of the heart.  Consequences are to be a correction, therefore they need to teach something.  If your consequences don’t teach a right choice or attitude, then they are just punishments and won’t bring lasting change.

4.       Be flexible and reasonable.  We need to make sure that we listen and hear before we dish out a consequence.  Our children, especially older ones, need to know that we truly are on their side, and if we jump to conclusions then we damage that relationship.

5.       Stay calm.  Lectures just switch the kids off where as calm actions gain their attention.

6.       Balance praise and correction.


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